I make things simple

About Me

Hi, I’m Alper! I’m a freelancer, entrepreneur. I usually write and generate content as a blogger. I have several sites and large camera groups on the web. I write about photography and camera industry. In addition, I build websites or meet the digital transformation needs of companies in every sense. As a front-end developer i love to play with frameworks and create static and dynamic sites. In the past, I worked as a financial advisor.

Things I love (in no particular order) include Fujifilm cameras, Thinkpads, Sci-fi films, Running, Calisthenics, Linux and playing with CLI apps. By the way i use Arch :)

In the Projects tab, you can find some of the sites i’ve created as well as blog and social media works that I actively run. Feel free to Contact with me via email as i am not much active person on social media.

Front-End Development

I develop interactive designs, using the latest technologies. I use my knowledge and tools to save time in development, this includes preprocessors and frameworks to kick start a project.


  • Server Setup
  • Wordpress, Hugo
  • HTML5, CSS, JS, PHP and GO
  • Frameworks Bootstrap, Bulma, Pure, Spectre, Skeleton
  • Linux Workflow, Git
  • Nvim for coding
  • Sass, Npm, Gulp

What I Do

  • Web Design
  • Branding and Corporate Look
  • Content Creation
  • Template/Theme Customisation
  • CMS Integration
  • Building Serverless Sites with Hugo
  • Creating Custom Multi Language Wordpress and Hugo Themes

This site is :

  • Statically generated with Hugo.
  • Hosting provided by Netlify
  • Version control provided by GitHub.
  • Coded and written with NeoVim
  • Using a custom Hugo theme with Spectre CSS Framework